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Elevating Esquisito Bakery: A Taste of Tradition with Refreshed Branding

July 24 2023

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Esquisito Bakery, a beloved traditional Mexican bakery in Metro Atlanta, partnered with the talented team at ULTIM Marketing to embark on an exciting branding journey. The agency's expertise in rebranding and redesign revitalized Esquisito Bakery's image while preserving its heritage. Through a comprehensive branding effort, the team successfully enhanced the bakery's visual identity, creating a cohesive and modern look that resonated with customers.

Refreshing the Brand

With meticulous attention to detail, the team at ULTIM embarked on a journey to rebrand Esquisito Bakery, focusing on evoking a fresh and modern feel while staying true to its traditional roots. They expanded the color palette, infusing the brand with vibrant hues that evoked the appetizing nature of the bakery's offerings. The logo underwent a transformation, emphasizing the name with a distinct icon created using the E & B letters. This iconic representation allowed for easy recognition and versatile application across various mediums. Modern fonts were carefully selected to enhance the readability of the brand messaging, ensuring a seamless and engaging customer experience.


A rebranding image board for Esquisito Bakery showcasing their products and their new logo.


Cohesive Look and Feel

The team at ULTIM aimed to create a cohesive visual identity for Esquisito Bakery, weaving together various design elements to establish a consistent and captivating look and feel. By incorporating the logo's distinct lines into the branding elements, they established a visual language that reinforced the bakery's identity. This cohesive design approach projected a sense of freshness and modernity, reflecting Esquisito Bakery's commitment to staying relevant while honoring its traditions.


Captivating Visual Content

ULTIM's creative team curated captivating visual content, including photos and videos, to showcase Esquisito Bakery's mouth watering creations. Vibrant imagery showcased the bakery's irresistible pastries, personalized cakes, and classic Mexican delicacies. By presenting these enticing visuals on social media platforms, the team successfully captured the audience's attention, generating interest and driving engagement.


A rebranding image board for Esquisito Bakery showcasing their wrapping, a loaf of bread, business cards, and their new logo.


Store Remodel

ULTIM spearheaded a comprehensive store remodel project for Esquisito Bakery, aiming to create a more inviting and comfortable environment for customers. Through the careful selection of modern elements, such as contemporary furniture, warm lighting, and welcoming seating areas, ULTIM Marketing transformed the bakery's space into a modern haven where customers can feel at ease, work, and savor their bakery treats. The redesigned layout optimized the flow of customers, enhancing convenience and accessibility throughout the store, creating a truly enjoyable customer experience.


Successful Brand Transformation

Through their expertise and dedication, the team at ULTIM successfully transformed Esquisito Bakery into a modern, eye-catching brand while preserving its traditional essence. The refreshed visual identity allowed Esquisito Bakery to stand out among competitors and attract a broader audience. The cohesive look and feel established a strong and recognizable presence, leaving a lasting impression on customers.


Esquisito Bakery's collaboration with the talented team at ULTIM resulted in a successful rebranding effort that elevated the bakery's visual identity. The refreshed brand harmoniously blended tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of Esquisito Bakery's cherished Mexican heritage while appealing to a wider customer base. With a fresh look and feel, Esquisito Bakery, together with the creative minds at ULTIM Marketing, solidified its position as a leading destination for authentic Mexican baked goods in Metro Atlanta.


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