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Elevating Carestream Dental's Brand: ULTIM Marketing's Comprehensive Solution

July 24 2023

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Carestream Dental, a global provider of X-ray imaging systems, partnered with ULTIM Marketing to enhance brand awareness in the Latin American market. ULTIM's comprehensive solution encompassed a complete approach, including social media content creation, call center services, targeted ads, and email marketing. Together, they successfully positioned Carestream Dental as a trusted brand, driving recognition and engagement among Latin American audiences.

Social Media Content Creation

ULTIM Marketing developed a compelling social media content strategy to captivate the Latin American audience. Through visually appealing graphics and engaging copy, they showcased Carestream Dental's expertise in X-ray imaging systems and precision contract coating services, effectively communicating the brand's value and benefits.

Call Center Services

ULTIM established a dedicated call center to provide exceptional customer support in Latin America. With a multilingual team, they ensured prompt assistance, bolstering Carestream Dental's reputation as a reliable partner in the region. This personalized approach fostered customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Targeted Ads and Email Marketing

ULTIM implemented targeted ads and email marketing campaigns to maximize brand exposure and engagement. By leveraging data-driven strategies and segmentation, they delivered personalized messaging to dental professionals. The visually compelling ads and carefully crafted emails captured attention, driving brand awareness and meaningful interactions.


A dentist is smiling and using her phone inside her dental clinic.


Collaborative Approach and Industry Expertise

Carestream Dental and ULTIM collaborated closely, exchanging industry insights and expertise. ULTIM's deep understanding of the Latin American market allowed for tailored strategies that resonated with the target audience. This collaborative approach created a cohesive marketing campaign that successfully connected with dental professionals.


ULTIM's comprehensive solution elevated Carestream Dental's brand awareness in the region. Through social media content creation, call center services, targeted ads, and email marketing, they positioned Carestream Dental as a trusted and influential brand. Leveraging their collaborative approach and industry expertise, the agency delivered impactful marketing solutions, driving recognition and engagement. By effectively communicating the essence of Carestream Dental's offerings to the Latin American audience, ULTIM achieved remarkable results, setting the stage for future success in the region.


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