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The ULTIMate Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success? Then consider email marketing as the tool you might have been missing or perhaps the one you were not implementing quite right in order for your business to grow. We spoke with Felipe Morales, Head of Digital Marketing at ULTIM Marketing and he explains The ULTIMate Tips to grow your business through email marketing.


Email marketing is positioned as the second best channel to converts clients.


Morales tells us why it is important to implement email marketing as a tool to convert potential customers into actual ones, these are his reasons: 

  • Email marketing is a direct channel with customers, where you can personalize the content to each individual to increase the relevance as well as the return on investment.
  • After a survey by Forbes Media magazine on the effectiveness of online ads, email marketing is positioned as the second best channel that converts clients. 
  • Studies show an average of 40% of companies highlight Email Marketing as one of its main channels of communication and loyalty.
  • Email Marketing is direct and is not invasive.
  • Great segmentation is allowed.
  • It is easy to obtain the ROI (Return on Investment).
  • It is a massive direct communication channel.
  • It is an economic tool.

However, if you are wondering how effective is this tool to convert potential buyers into real sales? This is what Morales, who is also certified as a Google expert has to say: “It can be one of the best tools since we can build loyalty and secure the purchase up to 80% faster than any other channels.”

However, as effective as email marketing to increase sells, the truth is that some businesses make too many mistakes when implementing this strategy. Specifically, Morales lists the following as the top six priorities in email marketing


The key to success is to be consistent with the flow of email marketing where clients can be connected to the brand.


Planning is fundamental. It gives you the benefit to know ahead of time what topics you will be covering and will help you to decide on the structure of each email to anticipate the answer of the customers. When businesses plan their email marketing strategy they can anticipate the type of response from the client, the objectives to be met and types of content to send, appropriate dates or special times (Christmas, Sales, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, holidays, etc.)

Clear Objectives 

In order to be successful, you must have clear objectives. Follow these questions to set up your goals and specific objectives: 

  • What is the audience I want to reach?
  • What is the benefit you want to achieve by sending emails?
  • What can I teach my audience? 
  • How do I want to clients to remember my brand?
  • What message can I send to boost sales?

In general, clear objectives will help your business to increase sells and visits to your website and social platforms. 

Suitable Platform

To start off on the right foot, do some research on the best suitable platform to send these emails. Take a look into the statistics that give you the tools to be aligned with your business goals.

Avoid Spam

Not complying with spam standards: when these rules are not met, they end up arriving at the clients’ spam folder and the campaign does not obtain effectiveness. 

List of Emails 

It’s important to have your own database. Make sure that your mailing list is updated and that these contacts arrived in your database through your website, blog, and contacts made at events. NEVER, NEVER BUY DATABASES.


The key to success is to be consistent with the flow of email marketing where clients find a balance that allows them to be connected to the brand. It is recommended to send emails to customers either once every week or once every two weeks. The best way to know how often to send the emails is based on statistics such as how often they open the email, how much interaction do users have with emails sent, etc. 

Other Important Tips For Email Marketing 

  • Create emails for mobile phones: It is important to have emails linked to all mobile devices since up to 82% of people see their emails from their phones. 
  • Personalize each email and greet individuals with their names, “Hi Juan, Hi Pedro, Hi Luis”. This is important since the users will feel that the emails are generated by people, in addition to the trust generated by this type of messages.

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