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ULTIM Marketing Welcomes New Business Developer Daniela Guevara-Cintron

“If you ask me what my job is, I will tell you that I am a Dream Enhancer. I help business owners get what they dream of having and I then help them dream bigger;  I’m not selling services, I am providing a pathway to your dreams,” says ULTIM Marketing’s new Business Developer Daniela Guevara-Cintron.

ATLANTA, GA (May 21th, 2019) Today ULTIM Marketing is proud to welcome Daniela Guevara-Cintron as the company’s newest Business Developer. Daniela will be working directly with clients to help them develop their businesses with multimedia marketing strategies.  “We are proud to have Daniela join our organization. Her experience in bilingual multimedia advertising and her business consulting acumen make her an amazing asset to our team. She is poised to make a significant impact in the businesses that we work with by contributing her blend of experience in both traditional media and digital marketing to our services,” said Homero González, President & CEO of ULTIM Marketing.

A Georgia native, Daniela has built a successful career in the media, marketing, and advertising industry.  “Our clients can expect support from a team that is going to stand by them through whatever is necessary, with ULTIM Marketing they can expect a partner/friend. I have had the pleasure of working with several of the team members at ULTIM Marketing in the past and know how professional, ethical, loyal and hardworking they are.  I am excited about what is going on in ULTIM Marketing because we are not just giving or selling services, we are helping businesses grow, which is an extension of my personal goal to help others,Guevara-Cintron said.

Throughout her career, Daniela has worked on the agency and media side, helping local and national business effectively reach their target audience to increase brand awareness and their revenue. Her most recent work includes NBC and Telemundo Atlanta, New York City, and San Diego. “I’ve worked in several markets; in the North Carolina market, Atlanta, New York, and San Diego and ULTIM Marketing is an international agency that has no geographical boundaries, it’s not something that is just for Atlanta, it’s not something that is just for the West Coast or for the East Coast, it can be worldwide and I am excited to bring what I have learned all around the country to ULTIM Marketing’s clients,” she added.

Previously, Daniela worked closely with NBC Universal’s duopoly approach, creating cross-market advertising campaigns for both, English and Spanish-speaking markets. “Three years ago, I was given the opportunity to go to New York to work for NBC and Telemundo at the Rockefeller Center which was a dream for me. Then, I was given the opportunity to help open the San Diego local Telemundo station owned by NBC. I was actually the first account executive hired for that station, and it was great to see something come up from the ground, in a new market, on the other side of the country.”

While living in San Diego, Guevara-Citron met her husband, got married and had a daughter. “Throughout the pregnancy and through the whole birth experience, I got in touch with a part of myself that I didn’t know. I discovered that I am a nurturer and this has redefined how I approach sales. I no longer identify with the salesperson title; that is not what I do. I am reinventing myself and my career by coming here to Atlanta and aligning myself with the ULTIM Marketing company values. In my new role, I can finally say that I am not a salesperson, I am a business developer, this is what I do and what I love to do, to help people develop their dreams.”

Daniela has an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from Piedmont College and a certificate on Cross Platform Sales from NYU and as part of her responsibilities in ULTIM Marketing, she will be traveling around the country.  “I like that about my job, there are no limits. I will be expanding ULTIM Marketing and whoever needs us all over the US,” she concluded.

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