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How Can A Strategy Session Benefit Your Law Firm?

Strategy Session – ULTIM MARKETING. There is no shortage of marketing services tailored to law firms. There are website companies that offer web services just for lawyers, video production companies, pay per click companies and more. But at ULTIM Marketing we believe that attorneys deserve better than being presented with a menu of services arbitrarily.

That is why we have developed a unique service called a strategy session. We believe that it is important for law firms to have a clear plan that they can follow based on their unique value proposition, competitive edge, marketplace conditions and growth goals. An ULTIM Marketing strategy session provides a roadmap that will allow your firm to work toward attainable goals on a predictable timeline.


A Strategy Session Can Save You Time and Money 

If you are one of the 6 out of 10 law firms out there that is not doing any marketing or if you have started marketing initiatives such as building a website, testing social media platforms or running ads, your firm can benefit from a strategy session. Before you dive into a new marketing initiative or continue investing in an existing one, it’s important to have a clear sense of what you can accomplish with every step you take in your marketing.

While it may seem simple to dive right into marketing efforts because you see other law firms doing it, it can be a huge waste of time and money to do so without a clear plan. At best you can experience some favorable results but miss out on optimizing your efforts. At worst, you won’t experience any return on your investments.


It Pays to Think Beyond Marketing Tactics

If you were smart enough to get through law school, you are probably capable of coming up with a strategy and taking on some marketing projects to grow your firm. But how much time can you really dedicate to thinking about and researching how to optimize your marketing when you are also growing a practice. Can you really afford the distraction from your core business?

You could delegate the tasks to one or two individuals at your firm, maybe even hire a marketing jack of all trades to help but in doing so you may be limited to leverage only the tactics you and your team can grasp. Even the smartest marketers will admit that it is nearly impossible for a single individual or even a few individuals to dominate all marketing tactics out there well enough to integrate them and leverage them in the best way, at the best time, for any business.

So what if you just outsource projects to experts? In our experience, law firms who outsource projects to subject matter experts do experience better results in some aspects but they experience drawbacks in other areas. Subject matter experts won’t necessarily take into account the bigger picture well enough to really optimize their contribution to your firm, in lieu of the full scope of your unique opportunities and goals.

For example, if you hire a website company to build you a site, they are not going to necessarily analyze or make recommendations on how to best develop your business’s brand image, photography, video and copy to fully optimize the project, because they may not specialize in those other areas; they just specialize in building websites.

That’s where a marketing strategy session performed by a full service agency like ULTIM Marketing can benefit you above and beyond any well implemented tactic.


So What’s Included in a Strategy Session?

At ULTIM Marketing, we specialize in creating personalized strategies for law firms by leveraging our bilingual full service capabilities. Because we are full service, we are NOT based in the recommendations that we make for businesses because we are not married to pushing any specific services on our clients.

Instead we focus on what is best for each law firm by putting together a detailed plan that includes branding recommendations, messaging, brand specific tactics and competitive research.

All strategy sessions are led by multimedia strategy experts and include elements from various subject matter experts who work together to create a plan that takes every relevant tactic and opportunity into account. Our primary agenda is making sure that you have a plan that fully leverages the marketing projects that make the most sense for you.


Getting Started With a Strategy Session is FREE

We are so committed to helping Law Firms gain the competitive edge they need with personalized marketing plans that we make taking the first step easy. We offer free consultations with marketing strategy experts to provide your law firms with ideas that are guaranteed to improve marketing results. You will benefit from the insights of an experienced company trusted by prestigious brands in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Our creative team has also won 16 Emmy Awards, and our digital campaigns team is award winning and certified by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, among other leading digital platforms. During your free consultation we will ask you questions about your business and goals and then leverage our experience to develop element recommendations for your specific session based on your objectives. 


I want to get started with ULTIM Marketing


Before you reach out to us, we do recommend deciding how much and how fast you would like to grow your business. If you can make a list of your competitors, that would help as well but if you are not sure who they are, don’t worry. We can tell you who they are and what they are doing. We will even give you ideas to differentiate yourself from them so you can stand out as the best choice for clients in your market and legal area.


You Will Likely Uncover Missed Opportunities

Most law firms that take advantage of our free consultations and decide to move forward with a detailed strategy session are surprised by the missed opportunities they discover. In addition to the detailed competitive insights we can reveal through our command of sophisticated analytics tools, we can also present you with consumer data that you may have never seen before.

We have insights on what people are interested in, what they think, the questions they ask, the reasons they chose law firms like yours and more.

By the end of your session you will know exactly how big your opportunity is in each market you serve, with each target demographic, and you may even uncover the viability of a new segment of the population that you never thought about targeting before. 

Your session will also include branding and messaging recommendations for each target demo we believe is viable for your business. So you will also know how to approach each segment you will be targeting.

For instance, if your target audience is spanish speaking we can make culturally relevant branding and messaging recommendations to help you make meaningful connections with the communities you are targeting. If your target audience is also young and english speaking we will also provide you with a different set of recommendations to connect with them. 

If you are a busy attorney, you may be skimming this article so here’s a recap in the form of a bullet list with the benefits of a strategy session:

  • Evaluate opportunities to improve your existing efforts
  • Analyze your objectives and goals in lieu of realistic opportunities
  • Get a clear step by step plan to grow as fast and as large as you want to 
  • Increase your share of the market with competitive insights


Popular Strategy Session Modules

All strategy sessions are personalized and you will receive recommendations during your free consultation. However, there are some popular elements. Most modules include a strategy session:


  • IDEA BOARD: We look for a creative angle for your law firm. The importance of this idea board is to provide you with a creative vision of how your business will be shown to your clients and future clients, and how it will differentiate you from the competition. Even if you have a creative strategy, we can enhance it.
  • DIGITAL ANALYSIS: We will analyze what your customers are looking for online, how they are searching, how much they search and where. We will also identify the top keywords and phrases you should use. This analysis will also show you how visible you are online in comparison to your competitors.
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION PLAN: At ULTIM Marketing we believe that one of the best ways to optimize marketing efforts is to focus on generating leads AND nurturing prospects who may not be ready to buy or who have signed with your firm but could be repeat customers or referral sources. We map out automated marketing campaigns featuring email, sms, print and other relevant media. 


These three modules are included in most strategy sessions. However, there are also other more elaborate modules or plans that can be added according to the needs of each business.

  • MEDIA PLANS: If your business is investing in or thinking about branding via traditional media such as radio, billboards or television, we may recommend a media plan as part of your session. We will research local opportunities for your business and project results based on investment levels and competitors.


  • SOCIAL NETWORKS PLAN: If social media is already a part of your business or it makes sense to start on it, we can give you recommendations for content and interactive campaigns you can use. The plan will feature interactive campaigns that will help you connect with more people and achieve a higher customer conversion rate.strategy-session-social-network
  • VIDEO PLAN: Having a video plan is very important, but it’s very easy to invest a lot of time and energy on content that is just not effective. At ULTIM Marketing we will give you a video content plan that is strategic so you can reach the right audience, with the best message that actually increases customer conversion rates.


Our Commitment to Your Law Firm

We take great pride in our track record with top law firms and we are committed to transforming yours too. We have worked with firms that are run by solo practitioners with big dreams and helped them grow into multimillion dollar firms. We have also worked with premier firms that are looking for more efficient ways to keep scaling. From day one, our focus has been to put the needs of our clients, no matter their size, above any other agenda:

“In a strategy session, we provide the client with a personalized plan for their law firm because we know it will make the greatest impact. We always make it clear that we do not want to sell them on any services that they don’t need. We would rather develop a smart plan first, and then discuss how we can help implement. Sometimes law firms decide to take the plan we give them and implement it in house or with existing vendors. They may also opt to integrate us into some or all of their projects. We give them the guidance they need to grow smart because it’s what they need most and it’s the right thing to do.”

Margarita Eberline – Co Founder and Strategy Director of ULTIM Marketing


Schedule Your Strategy Session


We know that your law firm’s best chance of success is to have a plan that is well thought out, fully researched and designed by a team of experts who are experienced in your industry. We would be honored at the opportunity to help you grow your business while you focus on what you do best, being a lawyer, a business owner and a leader in your field.