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Powerful video strategies for your law firm

Video Marketing is one of the most efficient and powerful techniques to generate potential clients and convert them into clients. Undoubtedly, this kind of content is very important for law firms, not only on social networks, but on any digital medium.

As the saying goes, “a picture can speak a thousand words”. For this exact reason, having a video plan allows you to transmit a message in an immediate and powerful way.



Video is, and will continue to be, a critical part of content marketing. 80% of web traffic is based on videos. That’s a lot. This same fact is reflected in the latest report from HubSpot Research, where 45% of respondents admitted to watching more than 1 hour of video on Facebook and YouTube per week.

Lawyers with a video content strategy increase their chances of attracting quality clients online

Therefore, the ultimate goal of all law firms, be it personal injury, family, bankruptcy, immigration, or finance, in using this format is to attract new clients through the strong message that is sent out. It is important to look at the competition and try to beat them to be number one in the legal sector.

Because of this, ULTIM Marketing offers you a video plan in the strategy session and offers you a series of keys in this blog that will help you attract a greater number of potential clients before your competition does.


Why is video the most valuable content for your law firm?

In the United States, video is the most consumed content, particularly because it is available conveniently on any device. More than 85% of internet users in the country see content in this format monthly.

According to Hubspot data, more than 54% of consumers would like to see more video content from brands, so it is very important to have an elaborate legal marketing strategy which includes this kind of content to illustrate everything the brand does. It should entertain consumers in addition to encouraging the audience to buy their services. 

Video content can produce powerful interaction if you manage to establish an emotional connection with your followers, which increases your brand’s visibility. Why does the visibility increase? It’s simple.

If someone likes your content and finds a personal, emotional connection with it, they will share your content to their social networks, which encourages more viewers and therefore more potential customers or clients.

Due to the growing demand for video and its potential reach, many law firms are proactively producing this content on different platforms and are using social media as a means of broadcasting it to clients.


Video Marketing as a powerful Digital tool

Marketing professionals promise that video will allow you to increase user participation and improve the quality of your law firm. How to do it? Why do it? and for whom to do it? These are the three essential questions to ask yourself when preparing your perfect video marketing plan. Do not miss any detail, or leave anything to chance.

Use simple language, so that all your followers can understand what topics you are talking about and use metaphors and real life examples so that your consumers identify with the stories you tell. Pay close attention to what you say and do in your videos, because it will be taken into account by the people who follow you.

A good video marketing plan is not only the powerful tool you need for your law firm, but it does allow you to explain everything in a format your followers will enjoy. In addition, it provides the following benefits for your law firm:

  • Increases sales
  • Increases visibility
  • Reduces return on investment (ROI)
  • Builds trust and increases credibility among your followers and potential customers

However, in order to achieve all these results, you may have to temporarily leave your role as a lawyer to be an actor. You don’t know how to be an actor? That’s okay. Just be genuine and recognizable while presenting in a creative and engaging way. Don’t forget to be relevant and entertaining, otherwise your followers may become disinterested.



When we talk about ‘video branding’, we focus on video marketing productions other than Live. Keep in mind it must be recorded in high definition, with good audio, with an excellent presentation and in a location that matches your objectives. This allows you to offer your potential clients a more professional image.

With a decent budget, this idea is a perfect way to captivate your current clients and attract new potential clients to your law firm. At ULTIM Marketing, we have an experienced team in video marketing production, capable of creating a brand video that will connect with your audience and potential customers. Our 16 Emmy Awards are proof that we are capable of producing fantastic results. 

Are you convinced to start working with ULTIM Marketing? Let’s talk and start to develop your video plan along with other Marketing strategies that will help promote your growth and be a benchmark for your customers.

Write a script and prepare the topics you are going to talk about, but always leave room to be spontaneous. A person is more believable, more direct, and influential when they don’t only follow a script.

Address topics that are trending right now, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and focus on how that topic will affect your community in the areas you are specialized in. Find news that occurs in the legal world or real life events that may affect your target audience and show them how to solve those problems.

The importance of being consistent

No matter how busy you are, if you are consistent with the publication you can achieve great results. Don’t wait for a miracle to land in your lap. Instead, work diligently and consistently.

The problem these days is when something doesn’t work immediately, we want to scrap it instead of waiting patiently for the results of our work to show.

Your followers will appreciate new content every week. Consistency is the key to your success. You don’t need a mega-production at your law firm to connect with your community. Find 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes of your day to do it. It will strengthen the relationship with your law firm’s followers, and if you keep a consistent publishing schedule (on YouTube, for instance), your videos will be watched more frequently.

Pay attention to all the details

Even if your video seems simple, it will show your followers that you are dedicated and take time out of your day to speak to them. Sometimes you can make your own spontaneous videos to connect with your followers in a more natural way.

These can be ideas that you prepared without extensive planning because you believe that the followers of your law firm needs to hear the message as soon as possible. It is a win-win. If your law firm offers valuable content, they win. They will share your content with others via social media, which is then watched by potential clients. In this case, your law firm wins.

As we said at the beginning of the blog, if your content impacts consumers, your videos will be quickly shared, increasing the visibility of your law firm.


Video Live vs Branding Videos

Live videos made on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook can be seen as simple productions that require less effort, but that isn’t necessarily true. You need to prepare the lighting, the clarity of your camera image and audio, and organize your desk and area around you so your background isn’t cluttered and unappealing.