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More Customer Reviews Can Turn Into More Business for Your Law Firm

Pretend that you are not a lawyer right now and imagine that you are a client who needs an attorney. What is the first thing you would do if you needed a lawyer? You may ask a friend for a recommendation, you search the web or you may think to call a lawyer that you once saw in an ad or on social media.

But before you act on a recommendation or an ad, you may be curious to see what other people are saying about the lawyer you are thinking to call. You may check out attorney reviews online before taking the next step. If you do, you are not alone. It’s a step that many people take when they are trying to decide on what to buy and that includes professional services. With this in mind, let’s go back to thinking like a lawyer.

Getting and showcasing positive reviews can benefit your law firm in many ways because reviews are a part of how people make hiring decisions in your space. One of the simplest ways to start enjoying the benefits is to get reviews on Google.

Not only will they help you highlight positive reviews on a popular platform, but getting customer reviews in Google My Business will also help you improve your SEO positioning and increase traffic to your website.

Reviews are an excellent complement to other digital marketing tactics to improve SEO such as, content creation, link creation, google campaign creation, etc. In fact, we would venture to say that reviews can be equal to or more important than all these.

Positive comments on Google My Business can give potential clients confidence in the quality of your services, based on what others say about you. They also increase and improve the visibility of your online presence because google is more likely to present your firm in search results if you have more reviews.

We want you to take full advantage of everything google reviews have to offer. In this article you will learn how to register with Google My Business and find some useful tips to get customers to give you more reviews.


Sign up for a free Google My Business account

Your law firm probably has an office or physical location. So you can start by creating a free account on Google My Business. You will need to register your firm name, location and provide a description of your law firm. We also recommend featuring photographs, business hours and other contact information. Once your listing is live, google will make it possible for people to leave you reviews.



Here is a step by step list of what to do:

  1. Open the Google My Business page.
  2. Click Manage Now in the upper right corner.
  3. Access your Google Account. If you don’t have an account for your law firm, you’ll need to create one.
  4. Enter the name of your law firm and click Next.
    Note: If your law firm appears on Google Maps, it can be seen in a drop-down list during registration. Choose your law firm from the suggestions that appear as you write. Make sure the information matches.
  5. Enter the address of your law firm and click Next. If your physical location is not detected, you can manually place it with a marker on the map.
  6. Choose the correct option under “Company Category” and click Next.
    Note: You can create a more specific category if applicable.
  7. Enter the phone number or URL of your law firm’s website.
    Note: If you do not have a website or have one that you do not use, at ULTIM Marketing we can help you create a page or optimize the one you have for new design trends to suit your characteristics and services of your law firm.
  8. Click ‘Continue’ to verify your law firm and select the verification form you want.

Once you have completed all of these steps and your law firm appears on Google, it is important to create a plan for clients to start writing reviews for you. The more evaluations your law firm gets, the better your location will appear in searches in your geographic area.  

Make review requests a part of your operations

Asking for positive reviews may feel awkward and even uncomfortable if you don’t have a plen of when and how to ask. You can start by helping your team understand how important reviews are to the growth of your firm to encourage mindfulness around asking for feedback.

Make it a part of your company policy to ask clients who are happy with your work, your services or with someone on your team. The emotional connection they feel when they are happy will make them more likely to agree to express their thoughts in a  positive review. 

A simple cue you and your staff can follow is to take the following phrases as a cue to ask for a review: “thank you,” “thank you for helping me,” “you were very helpful” … or any other expressions of gratitude.

This can occur at any time or phase of the case but regardless of when it happens, it is likely the best time to ask for a positive review and get it. You can respond to their compliment with a statement like, “you are welcome, may I ask you for a favor?” Once they say yes, you can then reply, “Can you leave us a positive review online?” Chances are they will also say yes.



It helps to make it easy for them if you follow-up your review request with a link via email or text that they can click on to write their review. You can automate this via an email software or other CRM (Client Relationship Platform).

If you do not know how to create an automated message with links to your review sites, At ULTIM Marketing we can create an email nutrition flow that allows your clients to write reviews, and can even drip content to them over a longer span of time to increase chances of response.


Don’t forget to thank your customers 

Clients respond best to processes that don’t involve too many steps. So Think about the best way to make it easier for your customers to write reviews. There are many technical solutions you can explore, as we mentioned above but don’t stop there. After the customer writes a positive review, make sure to respond to it. You should audit your reviews regularly and thank clients who leave positive reviews.

Acknowledging customers who take the time to write you a positive review with a “thank you”, can go a long way. Offering them incentives or perks after they leave a positive review can also be a good way to encourage them to spread the word about how great your company is. For example, you can make reviews a part of a loyalty program, a discount program or prize program.


Leverage reviews to get referrals

Word of mouth is very powerful and if you can make it a habit to get people to say and write nice things about you, you are more likely to get referrals from more people too. Yours followers and your fans are more likely to give you quality referrals if you stay top of mind and make it easy for them to share your information.

So consider equipping your fans with exclusive resources such as links, emails, printed materials and other tools they can use to tell people about you. Social networks are an excellent resource for this. You can give your fans shout outs on your social media platforms to thank them publicly by tagging them and promotion them to share your content on their own social feeds.


Don’t be discouraged by negative reviews 

Even if your services and customer satisfaction rates are perfect, you may get negative reviews. Unfortunately, there are people out there who leave negative reviews for no reason or who base their comments on misunderstandings or frustrations that are not your fault.

If you get a false review or an offensive remark, you can report it to google and they may or may not remove it for you. If the review is from a real customer, we recommend reaching out to them so you can address their issues and maybe sway them to revise their comments.

If none of those options work, you can rest assured that the average consumer will not base their evaluation of your firm on one or two negative reviews, especially when the majority of the feedback you have is positive.

Our best advice when dealing with negative reviews is to do your best to avoid them, refute them, or address them but not let them discourage you from putting yourself out there. Focus on providing the best possible experience for your clients and end be diligent about saturating your brand with as many positive reviews as possible. 

We hope that after reading these tips you are excited about implementing a strategy to grow your business with positive online reviews. If you need a little help, feel free to reach out to us. For a limited time we are offering law firms a 30 day trial of our reviews platform to help you jumpstart your efforts. Click here to get started with a free consultation and we will provide you with a plan and launch your platform trial.


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