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Measuring Marketing Results For Your Law Firm

It is critical for attorneys to understand the way their marketing strategies are impacting their business. Your marketing directly interacts with your potential clients, so it is important that it engages with your target audience in a way that convinces them to do business with you. 

As an attorney, you don’t have time to waste on ineffective marketing strategies. Measuring marketing results helps determine if the methods you have employed so far are effective.

It can be challenging measuring marketing results and understanding what it all means, but ULTIM Marketing is here to help you interpret all of that data in order to produce more effective results.

Measuring marketing results benefits your law firm.


How Do I Begin Measuring Marketing Results?

It can be overwhelming to look at analytics and other marketing data, but interpreting what it means isn’t as difficult as you think. You are more than capable of measuring marketing results for your firm. 

There are a few very simple ways to track the results of your marketing campaigns. Some methods for measuring marketing are more efficient than others, and ULTIM Marketing has chosen to break these down for you.



It is common for law firms to ask their clients the simple question, “how did you find us?” while measuring marketing results. As online communities have grown, this has become even more common. 

Consumers and clients fill out online surveys and post reviews on websites like Yelp to give their personal feedback. Their friends and family then take that feedback and may be influenced by their loved ones to go to the same business or law firm they did. Particularly in our internet-obsessed society, word-of-mouth recommendations are important. 

A client also could have been driving to work and seen a billboard for your law firm and decided to come by, or heard a commercial on the radio. If you’re trying to measure your marketing results, asking how they found your firm is one way to go about it.


Pros And Cons of Word-Of-Mouth

The word-of-mouth strategy definitely has some benefits. Asking your clients how they found your firm feels personal and reliable. It can tell you if people are seeing the advertisements you’re putting out there on social media or other websites and that’s what made them decide to call. 

However, while clients will typically give you an answer, they could be exaggerating the truth or may be lying because they are embarrassed of the real reason. They may not want to tell you they stumbled upon your firm by accident and will instead tell you a friend referred them. 

Additionally, people’s recall abilities simply aren’t reliable. The human brain is complicated and can cause people to misremember information. While they may believe that they are telling you the real way they found you, they could be confusing the information in their head. 

If you decide to use this method to measure marketing results, make sure to ask the client at least three different times. This helps you measure how accurate their recall is.


Call Tracking

Tracking phone numbers is another option available to your law firm to help you start measuring marketing results. Every business has a phone number. Did you know that there is a way to monitor how the potential clients calling found your firm?

Call tracking helps you determine the ways those calling you found your business, whether it was through a website, billboard, or other type of ad. If you want to know which of your advertising tactics is working the best, tracking the numbers helps fill in that information. 

Let’s say a client is looking for a lawyer to help with their immigration case. They google “immigration law firms” and yours appears. They then call the number from that advertisement. The call tracking software would tell you exactly which advertisement led the client to call.

Call tracking saves you time and money while helping you find more leads.


What Are The Benefits of Call Tracking?

  1. Determine What Is Working
    If a particular marketing strategy isn’t generating a lot of calls, it can help you determine if you want to change it or stop using it entirely. 
  2. Retrieve Leads
    If you know where a particular client called from, you can easily call them back to follow up and see if they are still looking for the service you offer or if they shopped around and found someone else. 
  3. Save Money
    Tracking calls helps you figure out which marketing strategy is the most effective so you don’t continue wasting money on the less effective ads
  4. Make Future Decisions
    If you know what strategy is generating the most business, you know what kind of marketing you need to continue in the future.

The Pros And Cons Of Call Tracking

Call tracking has lots of benefits for your firm. It tells you what kind of strategies you need, helps you find leads, saves you time and money, and is a simple way to begin measuring marketing results. 

There are also some downsides to call tracking. If your call tracking software is generating too many phone numbers for clients to call, it can confuse the search engines. It is also possible for clients to save the wrong phone number for your firm. 

In conclusion, tracking calls to your firm is definitely an option to measure marketing results, but it isn’t black and white and can sometimes confuse potential clients.


Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is another great way to measure marketing results. It helps you analyze all of your data in one convenient place.

“Web analytics” sounds very technical and intimidating, but Google makes it easy to understand. It is a powerful tool that will enhance your marketing strategies.

Google Analytics provides your marketing data all in one convenient location.


What Are The Benefits Of Google Analytics?

  1. It Doesn’t Cost Anything
    It’s surprising that such a powerful business tool is free. You don’t need to purchase anything to use it. 
  2. Improve Your Social Media Game
    Google analytics makes it easy to see which of your social media platforms receives the most engagement so you know where to focus your energy.
  3. Track Your Data In Real Time
    It constantly collects your data so that you can immediately create reports and compare performance varying by year, month, day, or even hour.
  4. Save Time And Money
    You can see which marketing strategies are the most effective on different platforms and adjust where you spend your time and money accordingly.
  5. Set More Accurate Goals
    Google analytics makes it easier to pinpoint what is doing well and what is doing poorly so you can set more realistic marketing goals.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

A third way to start measuring marketing results for lawyers is with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. This is arguably the most effective way to track the success of your marketing. 

PPC is a marketing strategy in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of the ads is clicked on, essentially buying visitors to your site.  It is one of the most effective tools law firms can use to increase traffic.

PPC is an effective way to increase website traffic measuring marketing results.


What Are The Benefits Of PPC?

There are a lot of upsides to using this strategy for measuring marketing results. With a well-designed plan and proper guidance, your law firm will obtain significant benefits from using PPC, including:

  1. Control the volume of new clients you obtain each time you adjust your campaign. 
  2. Control which leads you get by targeting different specific markets.
  3. Have more predictable results based on which keywords and geographic areas you target.
  4. Have more control over your ad budget.

Pros and Cons of PPC

Clearly, PPC is an effective way to start measuring marketing results, but like any strategy, it does have some downsides. 

Unfortunately, no matter how much traffic you receive on your website, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll become a client. You may pay for them to come to your site, but it doesn’t mean they’ll buy whatever you’re selling. 

The process is also quite complex. A lot of companies are intimidated by it and don’t want to risk using a strategy they aren’t as familiar with. Luckily, there are experts here at ULTIM Marketing who can aid you through the process.


Ready To Start Measuring Your Marketing Results?

By now, it should be clear that you need to be monitoring the outcomes of your marketing strategies in order to create more effective campaigns. You have plenty of methods to choose from, and we are here to help you figure out which one is best for your law firm.

At ULTIM Marketing, we have an experienced marketing team ready to advise you. You want the best for your law firm, and we are confident we can provide you with the best services. We will offer you an analysis of your current marketing strategies and help you find the best way to measure your data. 

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