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How To Increase Sales Through Automated Marketing Systems

Generate New Sales with Automated Marketing Systems

Online marketing will never be the same, thanks to automated marketing systems. Never before have lead generation marketing and product sales been so simple and effective. This is changing the face of the online marketing and it kicks butt!

Not every business owner has the luxury of their own in-house marketing team to follow up on potential leads, watch the website like a hawk, or ensure that the sales team are getting the correct leads. The good news is that marketing automation can improve operational efficiency and make many marketing tasks easier and more effective.

Straighten up your marketing strategies with automated marketing systems.


What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. 

A marketing automation software can help you reach your customer during this first half of his cycle and increase your chances of selling to him. But your customer’s journey doesn’t end there!

Statistics released by Forester Research found that 78% of sales teams described marketing automation platforms as their key revenue drivers. These powerful pieces of marketing automation software are critical to success in modern business, so don’t lose hope or patience if your efforts don’t pay off immediately.

Instead, stick with it. Keep it at the forefront of your revenue boosting sales initiatives and reap the rewards over time.

To help decide whether your sales team can benefit from marketing automation, here are few points to consider. These are ways marketing automation serves as a sales enabler to help you identify, nurture, approach and close new sales.

    1. Eliminate cold calling. With marketing automation, the team has tools to nurture leads until they’re ready for sales or to be dismissed. This process generates well-qualified leads that have displayed buying intent — meaning you spend your time in front of prospects who are ready to buy instead of cold calling.

      Automated marketing systems allow you spend your time in front of prospects who are ready to buy instead of cold calling.


        1. Remove the blindfold. Know who you’re calling and what to say. Customer intelligence dashboards show you what each lead cares about, what content they’ve viewed, and what actions they’ve taken, so you can talk to them about their specific needs.

        2. Know when to call. Along with high-scoring leads getting passed to you as they become sales-qualified, web site visitor tracking alerts you whenever a particular person or company visits your website. You know when they’re thinking about your company and solutions.

          You can even set alerts to be notified when someone is browsing a particular page on your website. For example, you can get an alert that a buyer you’re working with is studying a page with in-depth information about a product other than the one you’ve been discussing. That could lead to a whole new sales opportunity.

        3. Align sales and marketing. According to an Aberdeen study, 91% of top-performing companies marketing had a strong understanding of sales goals, as opposed to 63% of laggards. Successful companies align marketing and sales goals and collaborate on activities like developing buyer personas.

          This leverages sales’ insider knowledge of customers and buying stages to create content, programs, and campaigns that are better targeted and more effective for closing sales.

To become a top-performing company your marketing team needs to have a clear understanding of sales goals.


Benefits of Marketing Automation

      • Increased staff productivity as they can focus on other tasks that demand their attention.
      • Less human error in dropping the ball on important leads.
      • Higher marketing ROI and more efficient marketing/sales synergy
      • More customer acquisitions across channels
      • A smoother sales workflow

When you think of ‘How to increase the customer journey’, marketing automation is your best bet to do so. It looks at gives you invaluable insight into the entire customer journey and provides you with a powerful means of communicating with them.

Drip marketing, email marketing, landing pages and of course building automation workflows will help you send out highly targeted communication to your clients. If you are planning on moving towards a ‘customer-centric’ organization, investing in powerful marketing automation software is an absolute must.

Effective, considered automation is more than just a tool. When used and deployed correctly, it represents a shift in the culture of sales.

Making life easier for you and your team is one thing, but, of course, your automated endeavors need to generate significant revenue for your organization if they are to be considered successful. Follow these best practices, and make sure this is the case.

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