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Google Reviews Benefit SEO For Your Business

Do you pay attention to your Google reviews? You should. The importance of online review cannot be stressed enough. They can make or break your business in this modern world. 


In recent years, the amount of people writing reviews has increased exponentially. People give their opinions all over the internet, and users are paying more attention to them. Too many bad reviews could damage your company. 


Reviews written on sites like Google help people decide where to eat, what services to use, and who to buy products from. Google reviews are an essential part of doing business online. Managing the reputation of your business on the internet is more critical now than ever. 


Both positive and negative reviews can have a significant impact on your business. It’s related to your sales, conversion rate, and brand awareness, but did you also know  online reviews significantly impact your SEO?


Your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is closely tied to your online reputation. Google My Business factors in reviews when calculating your business’ position in search results. A search engine wants to help users find the best products and services, and reviews help accomplish that. 


We’re here to break down how you can use Google Reviews to benefit your SEO strategy. 


Google My Business factors in reviews when calculating your business’ position in search results.


How Do Google Reviews Help SEO?


There are many factors involved in ranking your business in search engines, but if you are trying to rank well in local searches, your business will achieve higher placement on Google if you have many reviews. 


Reviews from real-life customers let Google know that your business is trustworthy. Anonymous reviews are no longer allowed– Google needs to see a real human has used your products or services to recommend you to others. 


It’s clear that Google Reviews benefit SEO, but how do they do it?


  1. Google Reviews Trusts Your Customer’s Opinion 


Just like people tend to trust what other people say about you rather than what you say about yourself, Google trusts the opinions of your customers over the value you place on your business. 


Google learns about your business by reading your reviews. They tell the algorithm that your business is genuine, you have actual customers, and that those customers can help others determine if they want to use your services or buy your products. 


  1. Good Reviews Drive Website Traffic


If your business has many positive Google reviews, users are more likely to trust your company. More people will visit your website and search for your products or services. Google registers this increase in traffic, and it results in a stronger search ranking. 


Get More Google Reviews


Now that you know how Google Reviews relate to your SEO, we’re going to provide you with a few tips on the best ways to increase the number of reviews your business gets


  1. Ask Customers For Google Reviews Directly 


Simply asking your customers to provide feedback is a great way to get more Google reviews. Just send a simple email requesting an online review. Provide them with the link, and they can easily help boost your business. 


  1. Add a Google Reviews Link to Your Website 


You can get more Google reviews by simply adding a link to your website and requesting visitors to provide feedback about your business. It makes it simple for them. 


  1. Install Review Generation Tools 


You can get review generator tools to help get you more reviews. These tools allow you to view and reply to any reviews your business may get during the day. Negative reviews will also be brought to your attention immediately. 


ULTIM Marketing recommends using BirdEye to help you monitor your reviews and take control of your online reputation. Contact us to learn more about this review generator tool. 


  1. Follow Up Your Google Review Requests


Just because a customer didn’t respond to your first review request doesn’t mean they won’t ever write one on Google. Perhaps they were busy the first time you asked, or they simply didn’t see the email you sent. 


Create a follow-up review template so you can quickly email your customers requesting a review a second time. It can’t hurt to ask again. The worst thing they can do is ignore your request. At best, they’ll leave a review. 


  1. Add Call-To-Action Pop-Ups On Your Website


Sometimes, people don’t leave Google reviews because they forget. Pop-ups can help remind them. Gently nudge customers and clients to leave reviews by adding call-to-action buttons and pop-ups as they browse your site.


Increase Your SEO Ranking By Responding to Google Reviews

Getting online reviews is just the first step to improving your search results placement on Google. Responding to your Google reviews improves your SEO ranking. Replying to reviews is good business etiquette and can benefit the SEO of your business. 

According to Bright Local, 89% of customers read businesses’ responses to online reviews. It shows that you are dedicated to customer service and keeping your clients happy, particularly if you respond to a negative review. 

It’s merely a bonus that replying to reviews also helps with your SEO. Google wants users to find brands and businesses that are trustworthy and value their customers. By replying to your customers, you have a higher chance of showing up in local search results. 

Whenever you receive an online review, whether good or bad, make sure you respond to it in a professional and timely manner. The future of your business could depend on it. 

ULTIM Marketing Can Help You With Google Reviews

Are you ready to grow your business using Google Reviews? You will reach more users once you start responding to reviews. Those leads will convert into customers, and your business will start booming! 

ULTIM Marketing has experience in Google My Business and wants to improve your SEO ranking using reviews. We will help you implement a strategy that will generate more reviews, which will improve your ranking among Google search results. 

Our marketing experts are standing by waiting for your call. Contact us today and ask us how we can help boost your business through Google Reviews.