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Generate new clients with PPC for your Family Law Service

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most profitable ways to advertise for family law attorneys looking to generate clients. With some technical assistance, well-planned recommendations from an expert team and an adequate timeline to achieve results your firm can achieve the presence you need within search engines to position your family law firm in search results that attract new clients.

Even if competition is fierce, it is possible to get new customers with a PPC with less, if you plan it out right.

The right PPC plan is key to an effective campaign for your Family law firm

Having a well defined marketing plan with realistic projections for your PPC campaign will allow you to obtain significant benefits:

  • You could control the volume of potential clients that you obtain by adjusting your campaigns.
  • You could control the types of leads you get by target specific market segments to appear in search results and engines for your ideal customer.
  • You can enjoy having a predictable advertising budget with predictable results by targeting ads by keywords, geographic areas and hours of the day.
  • Take control of your ad budget

Is your law firm spending money on PPC yet experiencing less than impressive results or erratic swings in ROI? At ULTIM Marketing we can provide you with an analysis of your PPC campaigns and show you exactly how you can improve your results.

We have helped law firms like yours optimize campaigns to lower the cost of lead generation by upwards of 25%. We are certified experts with major PPC platforms and are ready to help you transform your business with the latest marketing tactics so your firm can become the best and most attractive option for your clients.


Discover the perfect plan for your firm


The best time to invest in PPC advertising is now

At the beginning of the year 2020, the demand for services related to family lawyers maintained a very stable trend that mirrored previous years. But, since the arrival of COVID-19 and after most States declared or were about to activate t stay at home orders, searches for the keyword “Family Lawyer” experienced some swings.

As we can see in the Google Trends graph below, in Georgia, for example, there was a huge dip that was then followed by a spike.


After the COVID-19 pandemic infused fear among the American population, and forced families to stay home, the demand for services related to family law increased considerably, as seen in the graph. One theory for this is that the indefinite compulsory coexistence at home combined with the financial and emotional stress of the pandemic may have aggravated pre-existing family problems or created new ones.

Many people have decided to move forward with their divorce and child custody cases and have been searching online for a family attorney since. This is why it is an optimal time to consider allocating some of the budget you have for your marketing to PPC and optimizing it in relation to the different searches your future clients are carrying. This will help you achieve greater visibility for your law firm.


Compete in PPC with a Strategic Keyword plan

Before we start analyzing the keywords that you need for your PPC campaigns to compete to reach more people and outperform your competition, we recommend two things:

  • The first is to change your mindset. Don’t think like a lawyer. Think like a client who needs your services and is searching for you on the internet. What keywords would you look for to get to your law firm?
  • The second option is to let an expert team help you research and find the best keyword strategy for your PPC campaign.

Research the keywords your competition is using and plan to spend your budget on a combination of high and low cost keywords. The keywords that your competition is paying for to appear in the first search results, can be the most effective but they can also be the most expensive.

If your budget is tight, you can define synonyms, keywords with less demand or competition and, therefore, a lower cost. So you should carry out an exhaustive analysis of how much your competition is bidding for each click for each of the keywords and then optimize your budget, and see which ones are worth competing in, and which ones you should leave out of your plan.

If you are not sure where to start, here are some insights to help you explore keywords. Use longer phrases that encompass the terms you really want to buy. For instance, you may have to pay a premium for “family lawyer” but if you test a longer phrase like “the best Georgia family lawyer” you may find that it is just as effective and also cheaper.

You can focus on volume with these lower cost phrases and you can focus on drawing more targeted traffic with the more popular higher cost words. We recommend a blend of both for optimal results. Combining a variety of keywords will attract a greater number of potential clients to your law firm.


Set Clear Objectives for your Customer Experience

Your main objective and goal with the PPC should be to be seen at the right moment; when someone is looking for your services in a search engine. Showing up at the top of search results on high traffic search engines like Google or Bing as much as possible will improve the likelihood that you will attract the most number of clients.

Being the first, second or third option that someone sees when they are looking for your services can make a huge difference in how many people are attracted to your firm. But that’s not all. To further optimize your investment, you need to make sure that your messaging is also the clearest, most concise, most specific and attractive so consumers will notice you and click on your ads the most.



After clicking, they should either be led to initiate a call, visit a landing page or visit your law firm’s website. These next steps should provide a seamless experience. Consumers react well to consistency between what was offered in the ad and what is seen on the page or heard on the phone after they click.

It is important to hone in on the details of who will answer the  call, what they will say and how they will say it. We recommend managing a strategic and transversal marketing plan in all areas of the brand image, communication, and customer service of the law firm.

Compliment  PPC with Other Digital Strategies

PPC can offer your firm some of the highest returns on investment but don’t dismiss other opportunities to make your firm more visible. Your firm can benefit from investing a part of your advertising efforts to directories that are already capturing searches.

For instance, Avvo is a popular attorney directory that is already attracting searches from people looking for legal services. The platform allows users to connect with lawyers by specialty and provides them with a database of different law firms, in order of relevance.

Registering your firm on Avvo is free but you may also want to consider allocating an ad budget for the platform. The system can give you the opportunity to generate leads from people looking for a law firm within a directory that has a brand name they already trust.

Investing in a paid listing will help you show up in search results first, inside the directory itself, which will allow you to enjoy the added credibility of co branding with the Avvo name.

Did you know that 97% of lawyers in the United States are Avvo-qualified and that every 5 seconds someone receives advice from that platform?

Avvo is a very good way to stay active, present and get recognized by potential new clients. Even though you may be side by side with other local family law firms and other law specialties that have more experience in the market, clients will respond to your firm if you give them reasons to. Getting positive reviews from your clients, to display on the platform is a simple way to get more visible.


However you should consider doing more. As soon as you enter a platform like Avvo, you will be competing with large law firms. So it helps to invest while you build up reviews and beef up your listing with recommendations and awards.

At ULTIM Marketing we can advise you on how to make the most out of your profile and how to run paid campaigns to further stand out. With a competitive marketing plan on directories like Avvo, a complimentary strategy for your PPC campaigns, you will have a smart strategy that fits your budget and you will be a competitive player in the digital space.


Combine your paid ad plan with a good content marketing plan

The best way to maximize and achieve successful results that benefit your law firm is to mix a paid ad campaign strategy with a solid content strategy. For instance, you are running divorce-related ad campaigns, you can release content in the form of blogs, videos or social media that  centers around divorce related issues.

You can establish trust by providing valuable content that is relevant and you can also use the content you publish to help you test messaging for your ads.

You can analyze the performance of content that you publish on your website or social networks, to identify what people respond best to, organically and then promote it to reach even more people and/or use it as inspiration for your ad messages. 

This strategy works well because you are essentially reusing proven and effective content from your website and social networks to reach a greater number of people. With this tactic you can ensure a high probability of generating a very positive return on your marketing investments for your firm.


Measure results to accelerate growth

Before you rush to implement these tips, please make sure you also plan to integrate regular measuring and reporting into your plan. Before you begin, set realistic goals to achieve impressions, clicks, calls, form fill-outs, leads and conversions and measure the success of your campaigns against these goals on a regular basis. You will also need to set reasonable timelines to meet your goals.

For instance you can measure metrics weekly, monthly and quarterly. Once you are clear on your goals, and timeline make sure you have processes in place to capture important data. You can pull digital data from your campaign fairly easily but how will you capture conversions and lead quality?



Here are a few suggestions:

  • Develop an intake system to track your leads and tag them by source so you can track their journey through the conversion process. 
  • Keep a database of what leads become clients and what their case is worth so you can analyze patterns in lead quality by source. 
  • Optimize your budget by factoring in the best lead sources with the greatest case value.

Consider Letting ULTIM Marketing Handle Your Ads so You Can Focusing on Your Practice

We know that if you are an attorney, you are highly intelligent and fully capable of implementing these tactics we have outlined for you. But is that really the best use of your skills and talents? You have probably focused your career on being a top lawyer, not a sales person or a digital marketer, because it’s what you are best at.  

We understand and can relate. We have devoted our careers to marketing so we can help attorneys like you, do what you do best while we take care of your ads campaigns.  

You can delegate these tasks to our team oft, experts with the confidence of knowing that we have experience in your industry. We can help you avoid wasting time and money on planning and executing on a marketing initiative that will take you away from your core business. 

Don’t click the button, unless you want to transform your business. With the current market conditions and opportunity to grow on digital, now is the time to act. 


Discover the perfect plan for your firm





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