The 4 best Marketing Principles that Will Improve your Brand

Business owners who want to implement an effective marketing plan often don’t have a clear vision of getting started. It’s challenging to run a company and focus on marketing efforts at the same time. That’s why we’re offering four essential principles for implementing successful marketing campaigns to help you grow your business.

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Let’s Start With The Current Marketing Situation

Long ago, marketing campaigns were more straightforward. People spend money on advertisements like billboards and newspaper ads. If they spent more, they would probably have a greater reach and corner markets that others couldn’t—this way of investing worked for or against businesses, depending on the money they wanted to save.

Today, people don’t want you to sell them a product or service directly. Consumers are bombarded with countless ads every day, whether they’re on their phone or watching T.V. They want to shop around different places and find solutions without spending their money. This makes marketing more complicated than before and requires an expert marketing team.

It’s complicated to market a business nowadays. Marketing and sales specialists use countless abbreviations that sound very “cool,” but they can drive you crazy. Examples of these terms are PPC, CTA, CPV, SEO, CPA, etc. It’s challenging to try and figure all this out yourself.

Next, we will give you five simple techniques to make your campaigns more effective.

Our goal is to have a clearer picture of digital marketing to optimize your time and resources. If you read to the end, we have a few extra tips just for you.

Find Out If Your Product Or Service Is In Demand

When we start a business, we need to understand the market we face and what we will offer. From that moment on, we can begin to specify marketing objectives and strategies. Keep in mind that not all markets are the same and not all have the same number of buyers. Try this exercise:

Picture your ideal client: Where do they live? How old are they? What are their consumption habits? What factors lead to them making a purchase? What are their needs?

After you have answered all of these questions, you can begin to use marketing tools. Google Trends and can help you find a more concrete picture of how popular your services may be.

To put this exercise to work, we are providing this example. There are only two simple steps, and you can do with the Google Trends tool:

Step 1

Write a term that a potential customer would likely search for and the country or city where you will offer it.

Step 2

Understand how big your market is. In the sample image below, there is a graph where the numbers represent the search interest in relation to the highest point on the graph for the region and the given time.



This example is a search for the keyword “immigration attorneys.”

How should the data be interpreted?

  • A value of ‘100’ is the maximum popularity of the term. So, you have a product or service that interests consumers. It is in high demand.
  • A value of ’50’ means that the term is medium popular. That is, it can be a good piece of information to exploit.
  • A score of ‘0’ or close to this value means that there is not enough data for this term.

Use Social Networks To Your Advantage

Be smart when using social media marketing for your business. Find the best way to use social networks for your brand . According to Broadband Search, it is expected that social networks will exceed 3 billion this year.

Instead of taking on multiple platforms and investing in marketing on all of them, our advice is to be productive and focus on one social network. Choose the one where the majority of your audience is.

SproutSocial reported 2020 demographics for social media. This report can help you research and carry out the appropriate brand strategies for your audience. Two conclusions that you can obtain from this report for your marketing strategies are:

  • In 2020, Facebook was the best platform for ages 18-29. In 2021, the younger users choose Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok to consume content since they consider the other platforms to be for older adults.
  •  Millennials prefer to use Facebook since they view it as a complete social network where you can share content, statuses and follow business pages. Adults between 30 and 55 years old prefer Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, as they can increase knowledge in their professional areas. People over 55 still prefer to use Facebook.
  • If you need to take your services to a more professional audience, the right place is Linkedin since  more than 51% of people have a university education

Focus On The Benefits Of Your Product or Service

Focus on how you are going to improve people’s lives. Once they become your customers, will you make their lives better? Will you provide them with the change they need? Greater comfort? Unique experiences?

marketing-strategies-atlantaThey need to know this information. Generate marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Youtube to get fast results. Keep in mind that on the internet, there will be countless companies or businesses just like yours. You need to stand out.

At ULTIM Marketing, when we focus on marketing campaigns, we put customer benefits over brand name. That’s how we have managed to increase the average number of potential clients by 35%.

Analyze and Measure the Results Of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

When creating a paid or organic campaign, you must analyze the results of your marketing techniques to measure your content’s effectiveness.

The objective of analyzing your results is to ensure that the return on investment (ROI) is positive. For a business to be profitable, your marketing strategies must have enough sales flow to keep your company afloat.

In digital marketing, four measurement pillars apply to any company, depending on the objectives that your business sets:

  • Income
  • Engagement
  • Loyalty
  • Followers

Everything that we will measure in marketing will be focused on our consumers, not on what we may think is best for us. Before starting your strategy, you must clearly define what your main objectives are going to be since your marketing strategy will be crafted around that.

When you measure your social networks, take all the data that affects your marketing objectives into account: messages received, customers who filled out a form, likes, comments, views, etc.

Do you want to know more about social media marketing for your specific brand? ULTIM Marketing can help you create a custom strategy that will boost your sales and grow your business. Give us a call today!