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Do you pay attention to your Google reviews? You should. The importance of online review cannot be stressed enough. They
Landing Pages - ULTIM Marketing Have you thought about your medical clinic’s website recently? You could be the most efficient
2020 was a crazy year. No one could predict what was going to happen next, whether it was the pandemic,
If you are one of the many business owners who have decided to launch a podcast or stream a show
Businesses need to adapt in order to grow and change with the market. It’s important to stay relevant and keep
The main goal of all law firms, whether they are personal injury, family, auto accident, immigration, or any other specialty,
It is critical for attorneys to understand the way their marketing strategies are impacting their business. Your marketing directly interacts
Video Marketing is one of the most efficient and powerful techniques to generate potential clients and convert them into clients.
In digital marketing, the tools to generate audience engagement are rapidly changing. Online podcasts have gradually become a part of
ppc-clients-family law
PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is one of the most profitable ways to advertise for family attorneys looking to generate clients. With
Strategy Session - ULTIM MARKETING. There is no shortage of marketing services tailored to law firms. There are website companies