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Implementing The Best Automated Marketing for Your Company

Every day, business owners are searching for an affordable solution to their marketing needs, which will not take up valuable time from their hectic days. Automated marketing could be your perfect answer to freeing up time without breaking the bank. There are more and more solutions being developed to help the business owner with their marketing, and with modern technology solutions, it has become more affordable than ever to stay on top of your current leads, customers and potential customers.

Automated marketing for your business could be your perfect answer to freeing up time without breaking the bank.

Automated Marketing Can Help Your Company

Automated marketing  will make the most of your staff and resources. With automated marketing, a single staff member can execute campaigns and marketing plans that would have taken much more time in the past. By reducing necessary staff, you can make the most of your resources.

Implementation Process

  1. Define company’s goals- Automated marketing is a much deeper process than just sending an email. At the beginning, you have to look at your business, define what your strategy is – clearly state objectives that will give it shape. Do you want to have more clients? Or you want speed up and optimize the sales process? Defined objectives will help to prepare the indicators which might be useful to measure Create a budget.
  2.  Budget- Once you know what your business goals are, you need to create a budget before you start looking at software packages available from different vendors. Switching to an automated marketing solution should only be done if it’s cost effective. If you don’t have a budget, the amount spent on the transition could easily put you into the red.
    Another thing you should try to consider is the fact that some packages only seem cheaper because the advertised cost doesn’t include expensive add-ons that are not part of the base package. You will also need to account for what it will cost to implement the new software, and what it will cost you to train your staff on how to properly use the new system.
  3. Create an action plan– To implement the strategy you need to create a clear plan, a map that guides you to set goals. In marketing automation prediction is a very important aspect. Think about what contact between your brand and your customers will look like, what kind of questions they will ask, what problems they may encounter.
  4. Start simple and build out – As tempting as it is to start using all of the exciting new tools and features you’ll have at your fingertips, one of the best pieces of advice we can give is to start by deploying what you’re currently doing first and then consider adding other features once you’ve built some confidence with the platform. Start simple with your current uses and build out as you go along, learning from the analytics, adjusting and tweaking your efforts based on your experience.
  5. Consider hiring a professional for implementation process– Lastly, it might be worth considering bringing in outside help to assist with your implementation. Many firms wouldn’t consider implementing a CRM system without hiring a consultant to help, and while marketing automation is perhaps a less complicated process, it does require knowledge, skills and experience that many firms simply don’t have in-house.


Consider hiring a professional for implementation process.


A qualified agency partner can not only provide the expertise and guidance needed for planning and implementation, but can also help you with ongoing strategy, content and campaign development along the way.

Automated marketing is a fantastic tool for small business owners, but you’ll want to use it in moderation. Not everything can, or should be scheduled in advance. For example, when breaking news happens that’s relevant to your industry, you’ll want to create day-of social media posts and emails. When a new employee comes on board, or you’ve decided to run a last-minute sale, you won’t be able to rely on automation either. Just remember, like any other resource, automation is another tool you can keep on your pegboard and use it as needed.

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