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5 marketing lawyer tactics to get more clients

Marketing Lawyers Tactics – ULTIM Marketing.

Once a person finds themselves in need of legal help, there is a window of opportunity for you to gain them as a client. From the moment a person decides to search the Internet, they are fair game for the law firm that manages to attract them.

As consumers search the web for qualities such as visibility, trustworthiness, positive reviews, and experience, your law firm has an opportunity to garner their interest with marketing lawyer tactics. But you probably know this already.

Just like you probably know that your competitors are also out there trying to get their attention with marketing lawyer tactics.

So it’s not enough to be through, you have to be relevant, timely, direct and you have to stand out as the best. If you don’t have a strategy to make sure customers find and choose you first, or if you have one and it needs improvement, then keep reading. 

We have outlined five simple marketing lawyer tactics that you can implement right away to attract and capture more leads.

These marketing lawyer tactics have been tested and proven effective for law firms like yours in looking to grow and stand out from the competition.  

Strive for the competitive advantage

If you run a law firm, implementing marketing lawyer tactics that provide your firm with a steady flow of new leads will help increase your chances of signing up the volume you need to grow in size and prestige.

You can do all of the right things but if your competition is doing them better, they will be getting first pick of the best leads before you do.

Every time someone searches the web, you are competing with other firms who are putting in a lot of time and resources into positioning themselves to be the most attractive result in each search.

These five marketing lawyer tactics are most effective when you take into account what you competition is doing and you plan to do it better. 



Build a user friendly website that makes your firm visible online

Having a website is important for any business. As Bill Gates that once said, “if your business is not on the internet, it does not exist” If you were smart enough to make it through law school, you probably know how important it is to have a site but that’s not enough. You are in a competitive space and it’s important to make sure that your site has key features that make it both visible and attractive to your future clients.

For starters, you need to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Most searches take place on mobile devices and sites that function well on desktop devices don’t always present well on mobile devices. A website that is optimized for mobile will get more visibility in search engines like google. Search engines also reward sites for speed.

If your site loads in two seconds or less, you are in good shape. If you are not sure how fast your site is, you can test your site’s speed online. These basic technical requirements are a good place to start positioning your form’s visibility.

But once people see you, you need to make sure they click and convert. That is usually determined by the site organization and content. Think of your website as a sort of business card. It needs to be well designed, with high quality images and contain basic information about your firm and  services. Present information about your form and staff that is visually appealing.

Your website should also feature information such as awards, certifications and include informative content on your areas of practice. Your contact information should be easy to find from any page so that anyone can connect with your firm 24/7. While it may be tempting to only offer web visitors options to reach you during convenient business hours, you need to recognize that legal problems can come up any time, day or night.

People search the web round the clock and are likely to reach out any time. Even if they find you first and reach out to you before your competition, they will move on if you don’t respond. In fact, consumers who don’t get a response within 5-10 minutes will move on to the next search result. However, if your content is clear and well organized and your site is responsive, you can expect to draw in steady leads.

A blog or a news section is a must to establish credibility. You can display professional insights on legal issues, current events and even frequently asked questions. Strong content can actually attract more traffic to your site than a well developed home page.

If you are not sure what sort of content to feature start by writing around popularly searched phrases or questions. A robust library of content is one of the best ways to inspire trust and convert web traffic into leads.

Marketing Lawyer tactics: SEO is important, but less effective than PPC

If you follow the technical and content recommendations for your website you will be well on your way to optimizing it for visibility on search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can, over time, provide your firm the competitive advantage it needs to be highly visible and attractive to future clients. But before you dive in with both first to position your site, it’s important to know that SEO strategies are a long term strategy.

Search engine optimization can be quite profitable in long term but it requires a lot of time and technical know-how to truly stand out with an SEO strategy alone. For this reason, it is important to establish a plan that includes SEO but compliments it with other efforts that can drive traffic to your website faster.

While a SEO strategy encompasses steps to draw organic traffic by positioning your brand in search results over time, a marketing lawyer tactics as PPC can draw as much traffic to your site as you are willing to pay for.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective strategies for your law firms looking to control the volume of leads they get. It can be the fastest and most effective way to get quality traffic to your website. One of the advantages of PPC is that it allows you to target specific segments of the market so that your firm shows up primarily in their search results.

You can focus on targeting people who search specific keywords, in specific geographic areas, and even time’s of the day. A solid PPC strategy that runs parallel with an SEO strategy can help you get the best results. Your website and content will be optimized by showing your ads and organic content to people looking for your services.

Make sure people are talking about you online

Consumers use reviews to evaluate brands that they are considering and legal brands are no exception. A recent study have revealed that 93% of digital consumers claim to be influenced by online reviews.

So if you don’t have a strategy to get positive online reviews to build up your law firm’s  online reputation, it is time for you to start developing this marketing lawyer tactics.

Marketing Lawyer Tactics – Get reviews – ULTIM Marketing.

There are platforms like Google My Business, Yellow Pages and Yelp that allow consumers to segment reviews and find the most qualified lawyer. Achieving a 10.0+ score on Avvo and other specialized attorney directories is also beneficial.

It gives consumers the confidence of knowing that you are an expert in what you do and they. Consumers who evaluate attorney reviews are more likely to expect an excellent service from lawyers and law firms with a lot of positive reviews.

Stand Out With Video Marketing that Gets You Noticed

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and director of Facebook, the world’s largest social network, said he would focus all his efforts on implementing video on his social network: live streaming, editing, and mechanisms that improve the customer experience. 

That’s because he understands that audiences are more interested in consuming video content, than any other content out on the web. For law firms, having at least one brand video on their website home page or landing page has been known to increase conversions by up to 80%.

Law firms that have a robust video content strategy tend to attract more customers than those that do not.  Many of you competitors are already promoting their brands through video.

In fact, according to a recent Hubspot study, 81% of brands are implementing video marketing strategies today? We believe that video is the most popular form of content and gets greater engagement than text or image content because it is practically effortless to consume, and can evoke an emotional response more than other media.

Build a Case for Your Brand on Social Networks

Having a presence on social networks can help you connect to new people and build a following for your brand. The key is to focus on building a sense of community around your law firm so that people will either call you when they need you, or refer you to their friends when they need you. Social media can be a powerful tool for law forms that use it effectively:

  • More than 40% of users in social networks prefer to make inquiries through social networks, rather than calling by phone.
  • According to the ABA (American Bar Association), more than 25% of the law firms present on social networks managed to obtain a greater number of clients as a direct result of their social network activity.

Social media increases visibility, builds a community, fosters relationships between law firms and clients, and allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Extra marketing Lawyer tactics: Show off your successful cases

As a thank you for reading this far into this article, I want to offer you a bonus hack. Most law firms say they are the best… and brag about their skills but for the average consumer these claims can come across as white noise, unless they can see evidence proof.

Success stories are the best way to differentiate yourself from other law firms who say they are the best. You can show off your case wins by featuring client reviews and even go a step further with video testimonials, client interviews, press releases, press clippings featuring your victories and more.

Marketing lawyer tactics – Show off your successful cases – ULTIM Marketing.

Overall, showing success stories is a powerful tool to gain trust and inspire potential clients to choose you above the rest. This goes without saying but make sure that you get permission from your clients before sharing their stories, especially if you plan to include any personal information.

You may also opt to use a pseudonym if you want to keep your client’s identity private. In either case it is a good idea to get written permission before featuring a case win with a client. Case highlights with testimonials can help demonstrate your legal expertise and ability to maintain a positive relationship with your clients.


Marketing Lawyer tactics for your Law Firm – Marketing lawyer tactics by ULTIM Marketing.