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3 effective tricks to attract customers to your website

The main goal of all law firms, whether they are personal injury, family, auto accident, immigration, or any other specialty, is to get new clients every day. As a law firm, you may think that if you replicate what the competition does, you will become the best option for clients who need your services. 

Many people spend large amounts of time, money, and effort doing only paid advertising on search engines and neglect the design and functionality of their business website. Remember, like we talked about in one of our previous blogs, “5 marketing lawyer tactics to get more clients”, you must create a friendly website that helps you increase the visibility of your law firm on the internet.

The need to have a website is very important for your law firm to gain greater visibility, so that you can connect with your potential clients at a higher level than your competitors. Three essential characteristics that your website should have are: it must be attractive, usable, and have all the necessary elements to be quickly recognized.

In this new blog from ULTIM Marketing, we will tell you the main questions to analyze in order to optimize the results of your law firm and the basic elements that your website must have to obtain a greater number of clients. Think it isn’t important? Think again. Keep reading and we’ll show you how and why you should improve your website.

Priorities to take into account for your website

Before hearing about the important factors for obtaining a greater number of clients for your law firm, take a second to analyze these 5 questions for your business and your website:

  • Does your website reflect the opinions of your law firm?
  • Do clients make appointments through your website?
  • What is the actual traffic on your website?
  • How do your customers find your website?
  • Is the information on your website useful, necessary, and valuable?


If these questions raise any concern for your law firm, ULTIM Marketing can help you understand new techniques and strategies to optimize the results of your website.

Gain visibility to generate customers

First of all, it is important to know what visibility means and why it is crucial for your law firm. Web visibility is a set of strategies, tactics, and actions that you carry out so that your potential clients can find your law firm without any effort when they need the services you offer.


Web visibility is very important and is linked to traffic generation for your website, but it is also associated with content marketing. This is because, depending on the way you set up the elements on your website, you will obtain a higher quality of content valued by Google’s algorithms.

A web page that is not visible has no future. If you don’t have an online presence, your law firm may not be able to get enough clients to keep your business profitable. Without a visible and accessible website, how do you expect to be found? If they search for a law firm on the internet and your website appears, you have a better chance of being chosen and gaining a new client.

Therefore, having a visible website is essential to improve the online image of your business. You may be wondering, “After gaining visibility online, how do I reach more customers? How do I attract potential clients to my law firm’s website? ” and we have the answers for you.

Techniques to obtain more clients with your website

After analyzing the potential clients of your law firm, you should focus on finding the best strategies and trends in the market to attract those clients.

Content Marketing

Having interesting and valuable content is very important to attract website traffic and new clients to your law firm. When your content marketing strategy is focused, worked, and written for a particular audience, you are creating more specific content, which your potential customers can connect to and value.

The moment you work on these strategies, you will see positive results for your law firm. You’ll find patterns, statistics, and metrics that will tell you when, where, and what time your customers connect, as well as what type of content appeals to them the most. You will be able to generate more strategies with successful results that will make your law firm powerful and generate more potential clients.

We suggest not to overload your content with excessive keywords just to position yourself better. Apart from the fact that this action is penalized by Google, it is important that your potential customers don’t think your content was created by a robot, but written by a person who understands the needs and concerns of people.

To help you with this, it is important to have a specialized team to guide you on choosing the best keywords. For example, you could use the keyword “Georgia car accident attorney” instead of “accident attorney”.

Although the essence of both keywords is similar, choosing the correct set of words will increase the results, visits, and leads for your law firm.

SEO positioning

As we have previously discussed in various blogs, SEO is an essential strategy that involves creating digital content accessible to search engines. By improving the SEO positioning, it will increase the visibility of your law firm, and you will obtain a greater number of clients. Here are two strategies:


  • Creation of extensive content such as blogs. To make your content visible and attractive for your law firm, you must have a medium to display the content on. Then, the content will have to be indexed in Google to be classified as “quality content”.  A blog not only allows you to talk about news or resources offered by your law firm, but also showcase your best content. Use graphics and let your content stand out in the most important section of search results, and use a blog to complement and solve the needs of your customers.
  • Link building. In case you do not know this effective technique, the link building strategy consists of obtaining links from other blogs, websites, social networks that demonstrate authority on your topic, offer valuable content, and are well positioned in search engines (valuable content already rated by Google), so that Google’s algorithms will allow it to climb positions. Links are a signal to search engines that your website is a valuable resource.


A client-focused strategy in which you publish valuable content on a blog with great link building will improve the visibility of your law firm and, therefore, will achieve the objective that we seek in this blog: increase traffic and potential customers.

Social Networks

Being on social networks means being where your customers are. The immense power that social networks have is the virality of the content. If you identify the needs of your clients and publish content that really appeals to them, you will gain greater visibility from your law firm, because people will share your content and it could go viral.

Once you can viralize your content, it will increase traffic to your website and the visibility of your law firm, increasing the number of new clients you receive. The moment you start to have a real engagement with your audience, you benefit from indirect visibility.

This means that as soon as you discover your potential customer’s needs and offer great solutions, your followers will start recommending you to others in the community.

EXTRA TIP: 5 phases to find new clients for your law firm

If your law firm needs clients and you don’t know how to accomplish that, follow these 5 steps to convert clients with ease:

  • Problem: Your potential customers have a problem and need to find a solution. You need to ask, what kind of people have cases that require the services of your law firm?
  • Solution:  Suppose you provide legal services for people involved in car accidents. If your client is on the road and has a car accident, how will they know you can help? The solution is easy. When the injured person searches the internet for a car accident attorney, your law firm should appear among the first results.
  • Offer: What does your law firm provide that makes a potential client decide to hire you over another law firm? They will wonder why your law firm is the right one to solve your case.
  • Testimonials: The greatest support from your law firm in that moment of indecision will be the first impression you give them during your first contact and the way in which other people talked about your services. The potential client can evaluate the quality of your law firm based on the testimonials of other people.
  • Call To Action: If it gets to this point, your potential client may be inclined to choose your law firm. Now it’s just time to ask them to take action by writing, calling, or making an appointment with your law firm.

Advantages of using ULTIM Marketing services

Many marketing agencies can sell you different services, but we offer you our vast experience in the legal market as well as a real projection of the results and potential clients that you will obtain regardless of the market in which your law firm specializes. 

During a strategy session with us, you will get a study of your market and we will show you the strategies of your direct competition so that you can understand what they are doing better than your law firm. Then, we can change your strategy to figure out what works best for you. 

We can offer you a well-prepared marketing plan so that you can control your budget and distribute it according to your needs. In addition, you will recieve advice from our experts on an ongoing basis in order to adjust your strategies as changes occur in the market to ensure your continued growth.